Nitrogen Phyto-Bosques


Partnering with Ecolotree, Offshoots led a research project at the Barnstable Water Pollution Control Facility on Bearse’s Way in Hyannis to assess if certain species of Poplar trees can be planted to mitigate excess nitrogen and other pollutants in groundwater on Cape Cod.  A testing project was completed at the wastewater treatment facility to test the effectiveness of using phytoremediation to improve water quality.

Utilizing poplars for phytoremediation of wastewater offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to resource intensive, highly expensive mechanical and chemical wastewater treatment. Plant-based systems have proven to be highly effective in treating wastewater in municipal settings.

Water is filtered through the plants’ root systems removing contaminants with an irrigation-based system that is designed specifically to the needs of the site. The trees used by Ecolotree are

 The results?  Hybrid poplar trees were proven to be effective in this treatment process, and the space needed to provide an effective treatment center is remarkably low.  This ecological, plant-based solution could be an effective way to remediate nitrogen pollution on Cape Cod.


Phytoremediation, Public

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Scientific Consultant: Ecolotree
Client: Cape Cod Commission