With the spring season upon us, our horticulture team has been doing seasonal cleanup and maintenance services at Somerville’s Blessing of the Bay Native Pollinator Meadow. As always, there is a lot of activity at the native meadow!

We are seeing many of our planted species popping up in greater numbers this season, both from our original seeding, and from last November’s plug installation. We are also seeing some native and non-native volunteer species coming up. Pictured are native Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea) and Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis), two important early season hosts for pollinators. These native plants are surrounded by a mass of self-seeded Forget-me-Not (Myosotis sp.), a non-native biennial that provides a flush of blue flowers in its second year.

Our team will be making periodic check-in visits to the meadow throughout the year – stay tuned for flower updates and be sure to follow our Blessing of the Bay Instagram account for more photos!

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