We LOVE designing playscapes! Our speciality is designing natural and adventure playscapes for exploration that are designed to connect kids with the outdoors. Past and current clients include:

YWCA in Worcester, MA
Offshoots is currently designing two playgrounds for the non-profit daycare center. These toddler and pre-k playgrounds are each focused around an existing tree that will become the center of the space and inspiration for all of the new exploratory play elements.

Boston Public Schools
Offshoots, in collaboration with Horsley Witten Group and Boston Water and Sewer, created 5 new natural play areas at 5 Boston Schools. These schoolyard retrofit projects are designed to both remove phosphorus and other contaminants from the schools’ stormwater and also provide opportunities for outdoor education and play.  A range of green infrastructure practices were installed at each school ranging from rain gardens, to pervious pavements, cisterns and bioswales. Science curriculum was created as part of the project to integrate outdoor learning opportunities with lessons already being taught by BPS teachers.

Town of Barnstable, Cape Cod
Offshoots created a new playground in for Ridgewood Park on Cape Cod that honors the neighborhood’s unique maritime history and provides flexible playspaces. Undulating mounds, a looped bike path over the topography, and a great lawn maximize imaginative, participatory play opportunities.