Offshoots has partnered with a number of nonprofit organizations over the years on a range of issues. Our work with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod began back in 2005 and since then we have continued to help the Cape Cod Community steward issues of water quality and nitrogen reduction. APCC is Cape Cod’s most influential environmental nonprofit, and considering how Cape Cod’s ecology could translate into land use planning decisions was of primary consideration. Other nonprofit past and present clients include LIFE (Living Independently Forever) where a campus masterplan was created for adult residents living with learning challenges, YWCA where a site plan in Worcester is being developed to create opportunities for natural learning and play, and the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, where Offshoots produced master plans and a comprehensive signage system for 5 core camp properties.


Budgets & Funding

We are cognizant of the often tight budgets and timelines of our nonprofit clients and work with them to provide services that meet their goals efficiently. We often help strategize project planning, apply for grant opportunities and provide direction on how to administer funding productively. We have developed a unique ability to create sites with programs, uses, and strategies that purposefully open them up to expanded funding opportunities (such as considering habitat improvement for certain bird or animal species where funding might be available, improving energy efficiency of old buildings, or piloting new educational initiatives).  Importantly, we can work through funding issues early, in order to identify strategies that might help guides or fine tune the proposed program components and design, in order to qualify for a broad array of funding initiatives. Our work with nonprofits is tied closely to our relationship with agencies and other municipal organizations. Collaborating between these different entities to achieve goals is one of the most enjoyable parts of our work.


Landscapes for Education (and Play!)

We have a fervent desire to address the specific issues that are inherent to creating landscapes and opportunities within the design process for education.  Not only will we explore how to maximize benefits of each site, but will craft educational opportunities within our design process.  We are used to working with multiple stakeholders, and devise communication strategies to ensure that all groups are involved.