Landscape Architecture Magazine: October 2022 Issue
'Pocket Ecologies' by Karolina Hac features Hood Bike Park in Landscape Architecture Magazine (October 2022 issue): "Offshoots, Inc. designs a place for people, bikes, and plants in Boston's Charlestown Neighborhood". Offshoots and Elkus Manfredi worked together to create Hood Bike Park, a phytoremediating bicycle hub, social space, and public park.

BSLA FieldBook 2022: HOME Issue
'A Moment of Nourishment' by Nelle Ward and Kate Kennen, p. 62-63, features an article about the legacy of Lynn Wolff, and Offshoots' participation in a collaborative team which designed and installed the Lynn Wolff Memorial Garden at Women's Lunch Place on Boston's Newbury St.

Hood Bike Park, May 2022: Architectural Record
'Elkus Manfredi & Offshoots Design a Verdant Bike Park and Future Community Center in Boston' by Ilana Herzig, p.35-36, features an overview of Hood Bike Park in the May 2022 edition of Architectural RecordView PDF.

Best of Boston Home, Winter 2022 
Offshoots, Inc. was highlighted in the 2022 edition of Best of Boston Home as the top landscape design practice in the Boston area, distinguished by a sustainable approach to design. View Article.

Ecological Restoration, September 2017: PHYTO Book Review
Kate Kennen and Niall Kirkwood's PHYTO was reviewed by Northern Vermont University Associate Professor Ian Balcom in the September 2017 edition of Ecological RestorationView PDF.
PHYTO: Principles and resources for site remediation and landscape design, 2015
Kate Kennen and Niall Kirkwood. PHYTO presents the concepts of phytoremediation and phytotechnology in one comprehensive guide, illustrating when plants can be considered for the uptake, removal or mitigation of on-site pollutants. Current scientific case studies are covered, highlighting the advantages and limitations of plant-based cleanup. Typical contaminant groups found in the built environment are explained, and plant lists for mitigation of specific contaminants are included where applicable.
Landscape Architecture Magazine, April 2013
‘Phyto your Life’ by Alex Ulam. p52-56. Review of Phytoremediation in landscape design including interview with Kate Kennen. Features Offshoots project Plantworks at 725 Main Street.
Garden Design Magazine, March 2010
‘Uptown Harvest’ by Jenny Andrews. p11-14. Review of rooftop edible landscape designed by Kate Kennen while working as Creative Director of Garden Design at Winston Flowers. View PDF.
Boston Sunday Globe, April 18, 2010
‘Window Dressing’ Features more sustainable ways to plant spring window boxes by Kate Kennen, including xeriscape, low water use materials, edible plants, and perennials for transplanting. Written while Kate was working as Creative Director of Garden Design at Winston Flowers.
Coastal Home, July 2010
‘Growing Up: Vertical Gardening Takes Nature to New Heights’ by Lynn Felici-Gallant. P61-63. Features interview of Kate Kennen’s approaches to vertical gardening. Written while Kate was working as Creative Director of Garden Design at Winston Flowers.
New England Home Magazine, May-June 2009
‘Interview- Kate Kennen’ by Kyle Hopner. p74-80. This article was written when Kate Kennen was Creative Director of Garden Design at Winston Flowers. It references work completed both at Winston Flowers and at her private practice. View PDF.
New England Home Magazine, April 2009
Winston Flowers Advertorial. This editorial introduces Kate Kennen’s professional background when she was Creative Director of Garden Design at Winston Flowers. View PDF.
Barnstable Patriot, May 5, 2006
‘A Different Kind of Park Cleanup: Planting science will help clean park soils’  Review of Plantworks at 725 Main Street project.
Post Fordist Public Works: Landscape Urbanism Strategies, 2006
‘Energetic Community’ by Charles Waldheim. p74-83 Book Published by Lulu  Features design work by Kate Kennen.
Landscape Architecture Magazine, October 2005
‘Tons of Idealism, Pounds of Design Vision’ by Hines, S. p56-57 Features design work by Kate Kennen.
Cape Cod Magazine, May 2005
‘Who’s Afraid of Building up Now? With Dennisport as a model, Cape town are flirting with the idea of cluster zoning’ by Shorr, K. p40-45. Features Dennisport Revitalization Project.