Newton Traditional


Multifunctional garden rooms facilitate both intimate family time and formal social gatherings at this quiet Newton residence.

A large dining patio situated just off the home’s living space is enveloped by the surrounding garden, and is a perfect place for family gatherings.  Situated above, a smaller secondary patio with fire pit, lounge chairs and sunken hot tub is a more intimate setting for quiet relaxation. Layers of evergreen and deciduous shrubs surrounding the hot tub provide privacy with a natural barrier.

Adjacent to the patio, a rectilinear formal lawn was sized and built specifically to accommodate tents during outdoor events.  Oversized bluestone pavers wrap the lawn while boxwoods and long blooming hydrangea soften the edges. A larger informal lawn space used for sports and other activities spans the back of the property, overlooking the dining patio and formal lawn.

Each garden room was designed to feature a distinct color pallet.  Thick groundcover plantings and spring bulbs layer under tall trees and evergreen shrubs to the long blooming shrubs to fill the garden floor, minimizing the need for mulch.  To assist in conserving water, drip irrigation delivers water directly to plant roots.  This property’s landscape is 100% percent organic including both the initial landscape installation and ongoing maintenance of the lawns, planting beds, trees and shrubs.


Gardens, Residential

Newton, MA


Landscape Contractor: Robert Hanss, Inc.
Initial Plant Installation: Winston Flowers
Irrigation: Wilde Irrigation
Photography: Anthony Crisafulli and Beth Shafner
Ongoing Maintenance:  Garden Concierge