Calahan Park debuts its new playground, a product of community collaboration and careful planning by the Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront (BPRW). Guided by community insights from Offshoots’ 2022 comprehensive plan, it goes beyond being just a play space—it mirrors the dreams of the community.

The journey began with a strong commitment to inclusivity. BPRW and Offshoots engaged the community through various means: focus groups, online surveys, on-site questionnaires, and public workshops. Thus, a clear vision emerged—seamlessly blending traditional features like swings and slides with the natural aesthetics of a playground.

So, with 188 responses to the community questionnaire and over 160 participants in community outreach, the park’s needs were identified. The final product, featuring Kompan play equipment, is an inviting space for children of all ages, uniting traditional elements with natural charm. The playground’s opening was a joyous occasion, marking the realization of community aspirations. Now, the community eagerly anticipates what’s next for Calahan Park. Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in the community outreach process, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Project: Calahan Park Comprehensive Plan

Client: City of Burlington Department of Parks, Recreation and Waterfront (BPRW)

Civil: Horsley Whitten Group

Architect: Duncan Wisniewski

Soil Scientist: Stone Environmental