Warren Street Sculpture Garden


2022 BSLA Award Recipient!

Offshoots transformed a vacant lot into a semi-private sculpture park to create new green lungs in the city for the dense Warren Street neighborhood in East Cambridge.  This minimal-input perennial garden based off Rob Diblick’s concept of the ‘Know’ Maintenance Garden is a backdrop to display sculpture produced in an adjacent studio. Perennial plantings were designed to have minimal maintenance, rotation of color, cool and warm season grasses, vertical seed-heads and limited deadheading. The entire garden is cut just once a year in March.  A phytoremediation grove of poplars is positioned on the north side of the site to clean up the petroleum impacted soils and groundwater of this formerly vacant lot, while blocking unsightly views.  The poplar tree alee connects the sculpture studio with public street while performing cleansing of the groundwater and soil below.

Gardens, Parks, Phytoremediation

Warren Street, Cambridge


Client: Marc Truant and Associates
Landscape Design: Offshoots Inc.
Landscape Installation: Offshoots Inc.
Plant community inspired by @roy_diblik_ and The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden.
Photography: Ngoc Doan