Salt-Tolerant Coastal Residential Garden

Beachside residence in South Dartmouth utilized salt-tolerant natives to blend their residential garden into the preexisting coastal grasses in a garden selected for pollinators and summer blooms

Salt-tolerant natives are a welcome addition to any coastal landscape, and are a must for a year-round healthy garden. Offshoots, Inc, designed this beachside residence in South Dartmouth to utilize salt-tolerant natives for blending the residential garden into the preexisting coastal grasses. This particular coastal landscape is populated with pollinator species chosen for summer blooms. The gardens are designed in colored themes of purple and pink. Special care was taken in the planting arrangement to create the effect where the new planned landscape smoothly transitions into the original native landscape, providing visual continuity.

Visual treats are tucked into the design of the landscape. Butterfly weed, Verbena, Hydrangea and Rose Mallow Hibiscus burst with color, representing the edge of the coastal plants and the planned garden, while a field of American Beach Grass edge edges the sandy trail to the waterside. This creates a visually stunning wash of color emphasized against a backdrop of yellow and green grasses. The landscape deemphasizes strong lines, mimicking the blurred edges of the dunes and the grasslands. A small shaded path connects the front yard with the backyard seating area, where one can spot a woven-fence wrapping around a small salt-tolerant gardening space. Notice that the building materials for the small fence are biodegradable, which means they won’t be detrimental to the sensitive local environment in case of flooding.



  • Client: Residential