Malden River Works

Offshoots, Inc, is working as the horticultural and phytoremediation consultant for the Malden River Works project which is creating a climate-resilient waterfront park on an active Malden Department of Public Works site. Residents of color are leading the project, and as the first public open space on the Malden River, it is intended to serve as a model for equitable and resilient waterfront development in Malden.

After creating a detailed analysis of the existing site vegetation, Offshoots developed a planting strategy using native plants in eleven different planting communities to create new wildlife habitats. From bioswales and living shorelines to urban hedgerows, the various plant communities provide additional functions such as shoreline stabilization and erosion control; phytoremediation of soil, air, and groundwater contamination; and seasonal interest induced by changing foliage, flowers, and fruits.


Climate Resiliency, Green Infrastructure, Municipal, Nonprofit, Parks, Phytoremediation, Public

Malden, MA


Client: Malden River Works and the City of Malden
Urban Designer/Landscape Architect:  Landing Studio
Engineer: Horsely Witten Group
Horticultural/Phytoremediation Consultant: Offshoots
Renderings: Landing Studio