North Shore Biotech Campus


Collaborating with Richard Burck Associates, Offshoots is assisting in the development of designed plant communities and detailed planting plans for a Biotech Campus expansion on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  Six distinct native plant communities respond to varied site conditions including:

  • Woodland: Oak dominant tree canopy with acidic understory adapted to fertile soils
  • Transitional Woodland: Edge condition with disturbed soils that in time will mature to a woodland.
  • Rain Garden: Native wet and drought tolerant plants with phytoremediation properties to clean stormwater runoff
  • High Shrubs and Low Shrubs: Native plants on low-fertility, salt-impacted soils next to roads and parking lots
  • Pollinator Garden: Rooftop meadow to attract pollinators while providing manicured views from building interior
  • At-Grade Meadow: Native meadow to replace campus lawn areas

Native plant ‘straight’ species will be used to the maximum extent possible to provide enhanced biodiversity and seed-spreading abilities.  To create larger scale consistency throughout the site, “ribbons” of plants sweep through plant communities.


Gardens, Green Infrastructure

North Shore, MA


Prime Landscape Architect: Richard Burck Associates
Plans and Renderings: Richard Burck Associates