University of Rhode Island: Landscape Architecture Lecture Series

On Thursday, November 16th, the University of Rhode Island will host Kate Kennen, FASLA, founder of Offshoots Inc., and co-author with Niall Kirkwood,  PHYTO:  Principles and Resources for Site Remediation and Landscape Design. The event will take place at the Beaupre Center for Chemical and Forensic Room (Room 105) from 7-8 pm. The University of Rhode Island is back for its 31st year of the Landscape Architecture Lecture Series focusing on resilience and remediation. Her work at Offshoots seeks to alleviate plantings of traditional maintenance regimes (fertilizer, water, & time) by alternatively creating productive landscapes that utilize the power of plants to mitigate pollution (through phytoremediation) and connect regional ecologies.

Kate Kennen will delve into the theme of “Scaling up! Landscapes of Productive Planting Exploration.” The focus of the lecture will be on the practical application of phytoremediation, examining its feasibility across different scales, from small projects to expansive landscapes. The event provides an opportunity for attendees to gain insights into Kennen’s extensive experience in landscape architecture and her approach to sustainable landscapes.