Malden River Works Invasive Plant Management Day!

Welcome back to the second year of Malden River Works Invasive Plant Management Day, a community-driven initiative in collaboration with Offshoots, dedicated to restoring and preserving the ecological balance of the Malden River. Our ongoing mission is to foster waterfront equity and resilience through engaging workshops and hands-on activities.

Last year’s Malden River Works Stewardship Workshop was a resounding success. Volunteers and our dedicated design team focused on identifying and removing invasive plant species that pose a threat to the Malden River ecosystem. Together, we tackled formidable invaders such as Japanese Knotweed, Black Swallow Wort, Mugwort, and the notorious Tree of Heaven. A key highlight was the communal effort to spread milkweed seeds—a vital step in supporting the endangered Monarch Butterfly’s life cycle.

The ultimate goal of Malden River Works is to create a climate-resilient waterfront park along the Malden River. We are achieving this goal through the collaborative efforts of community leaders of color, environmental advocates, and government representatives. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our partners, including Landing Studio, Horsley Witten Group, The Mystic River Watershed, Friends of the Malden River, the Malden Office of Strategic Planning & Community Development, MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences, and the Malden River Works Steering Committee.

Upcoming Event: Malden River Stewardship Workshop on October 14th

Mark your calendars for our upcoming event on Saturday, October 14th—the Malden River Stewardship Workshop. Join the Offshoots Team for another exciting opportunity to identify and remove invasive plant species. This hands-on learning experience will empower volunteers to contribute to climate resilience in our community through nature-based solutions. Learn to distinguish between the invasive Tree of Heaven and our native Sumac as we continue our journey towards a thriving Malden River ecosystem.

Event Details:

– Date: Saturday, October 14th

– Time: 10 am – 12 pm (Pizza served at noon)

– Location: 356 Commercial Street, Malden’s Department of Public Works yard, by the boat house

– Attire: Wear closed-toe shoes, long sleeves, and pants to protect against bug bites

– Tools: Clippers and gloves will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

Your participation and support play a crucial role in our collective journey to create a sustainable and vibrant Malden River ecosystem. Join us in making a positive impact, one workshop at a time! 🌱🏞️