As part of a team collaboration with Merge Architects, the Cable Mills Modern Mill project received a 2021 award from the Boston Society of Architecture! The Cable Mills Modern Mill project is a new construction multi-family, 6-unit housing project in Williamstown, MA, situated along the River’s edge. A site rich with history, the new construction complements adjacent history buildings and landscape while providing modern housing and amenities. The vibrant landscape design is intentionally woven into the building design, providing a more seamless relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

BSA Jury comments:Cable Mills Modern Mill is a great example of well-designed collective housing that makes the most of a beautiful site. Taking subtle inspiration from the adjacent historic buildings and surrounding treescape of Linear Park, the simple palette of materials is enriched by fine detailing and a limited use of color that highlights the figure-ground composition of the façades. Carved balconies, carefully situated terraces, large windows, and double-height interior spaces emphasize a strong indoor-outdoor connection, drawing residents into the landscape. Each unit is unique, and the interior common spaces are minimized in favor of providing exposure on multiple sides to create exterior opportunities for social interaction between neighbors.” 

Client: Traggorth Companies LLC; Mitchell Properties LLC
Images/Photographer(s): John Horner
Consultants: Guntlow & Associates, Inc; Johnson Engineering & Design, Inc; Offshoots, Inc.; RSE Associates
AIA Framework for Design Excellence: Integration | Equitable Communities | Ecosystems | Well-being | Resources | Discovery
BSA Impact: Environment | Advancing Architecture