This time of year it is super important to be on the look out for the Spotted Lantern Fly! This little guy, while very beautiful, is our decimating native plant communities and agricultural systems. The Spotted Lantern Fly originates in Asia; because it did not evolve among our native plants, it behaves as an invasive species. Lycorma delicata loves lots of different types of plants, and it jumps around more than it flies, even though it has wings. It favorite host plant is Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) but it also loves stone fruits, and malus species. You can help by learning to identify (it looks different depending on where it is in its life cycle) and squashing it! You can also report it to the Penn State Extension Office, which is keeping track of its spread. 1-888-4BADFLY (1-888-422-3359)

More information provided by North Creek Nurseries:

(Photo source first image: Getty Images; second image: North Creek Nurseries)