The Lynn Wolff Garden Dedication Ceremony was held on one of those perfect Boston evenings. The Garden was created to honor Lynn Wolf’s commitment as a volunteer to the Women’s Lunch Place, a day shelter for women in need. Lynn was a pioneer in the design world, a woman entrepreneur and mentor to many. Lynn was a personal mentor to Kate Kennen and loved color, therefore it is appropriate to create a garden of color with seasonal rotations in her memory.

Speakers at the event were Nancy Armstrong (Women’s Lunch Place), Cheri Ruane (former president of BSLA), Ricardo Austrich (current president of BSLA), and John Copley (business partner of Lynn at Copley Wolff). The garden was designed by Matthew Cunningham and the seasonal changeouts and planting was designed and installed by Offshoots. Congratulations to all the organizers and donors who worked to provide a small seasonal garden that will be cherished by the Women’s Lunch Place and pedestrians passing by the garden space adjacent to the Church of the Covenant.