“You know the old saying ‘use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without?’ That applies to hand-me-down clothing and to places.”

Offshoots recently completed construction documents for an upcoming phase of LStar’s Union Point that will be located on the corner of the new Delahunt parkway and within walking distance of the commuter rail. Check out this recent segment of Chronicle that features Union Point, a mixed-use development located on the former South Weymouth Air Station, as a recycled landscape!

Offshoots worked with Utile Architecture & Planning and John M. Corcoran and Company development to design residential, commercial and mixed-use landscapes for the Union Point Town Center Apartments. The project will feature a predominantly native plant palette and locally sourced paving. In an effort to connect this built landscape with the existing ecosystem we are recreating a large area of Sandplain Grassland – a historic cultural landscape found on the south shore and islands.

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