On a recently completed project focusing on 100% edible plants (fruiting trees, shrubs and perennials within Tea and Cocktail gardens) we added applications of Bio Char and Rock Dusts into the soil to add nutrients while increasing overall soil fertility, making other nutrients more available to plants. In addition, Biochar sequesters carbon, helps protect against foliar and soil-born diseases, and can stay in the soil for hundreds of years.

An initial application of the Rock Dust and Bio Char was spread over the surface of the soil to be mixed in while planting. Smaller plants were directly dipped (roots only) into a mixture of the Bio Char / Rock Dust, Terasorb (water absorbing chrystals), and a few other chosen organic fertilizers and inoculants to achieve direct contact to roots while helping to retain water.

To grow healthy plants, we must always look at the soil first. Feed the microbes, to feed the plants, to feed us!