Route 6 Stormwater and Vegetation Management Plan


Offshoots was selected by the Cape Cod Commission to craft a new Route 6 Stormwater and Vegetation Management Plan for the area from the Sagamore Bridge to the Orleans Rotary. Route 6, also known as the Mid-Cape Highway, was constructed over a 20-year period starting in 1950. With the exception of a few recent improvements, stormwater systems incorporated into the original design do not reflect current best management practices. In addition, the pine barren habitat that represents the unique character on Cape Cod was severely impacted by overcutting maintenance practices along the highway corridor and has resulted in an influx of invasive species and patches lacking ecological value. The plan assesses existing species and identifies low-impact development strategies that address stormwater and ponding that occurs within the Route 6 right of way. Offshoots collaborated with Horsley Witten Group for the stormwater component and Professional Environmental Services for the vegetation management portion of the plan.


Green Infrastructure, Planning, Public, Streetscapes

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Civil Engineer: Horsley Witten Group
Vegetation Management Specialist: Professional Environmental Services