HyArts Artist Shanties


Created within an existing park, Harbor Your Arts is a series of seven temporary ‘shanties’ designed along a new boardwalk. The structures are rented out to local artisans at reduced rents to provide them space to create their work and sell their finished products. The concept was to create economic development through a temporary park improvement initiative with a small budget.

Strategically located at the geographic center of the Cape with proximity to public transportation and a working harbor, Downtown Hyannis presents an ideal place for economic growth. The Harbor Your Arts project was conceived as a way to stimulate the cultural economy in Downtown Hyannis and bring visitors to the area.  Large concentrations of artists reside inHyannis, yet have few affordable venues to show and sell their work.  The purpose of the project was to create temporary gallery spaces for local artists to rent at reduced rates, within an existing passive park grass open space.  The park is near an existing ferry drop off area, therefore a new boardwalk and planting area was designed to funnel visitors into strolling through the project as they wait for the next ferry to arrive.  The HyA project was conceived to add additional recreational amenities.

Seven seasonal ‘shanties’ for local artists were designed around a central boardwalk surrounded by ornamental grass and hydrangea plantings.  The new arts and culture project replaces an existing area of passive grass park that was previously underutilized, and creates economic development through a landscape park improvement.


Nonprofit, Parks, Public

Bismore Park, Hyannis Harbor, Cape Cod, MA

Completed 2005
Project by Kennen Landscape Architecture, now Offshoots, Inc.

Town of Barnstable, HyArts Artist Shanties