Doyle Park


Offshoots was hired by the Solomon Foundation to work with the local community and the Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation (SWBDC) to create a schematic vision to revitalize Doyle Park, a 1 acre parcel of under-utilized land owned and managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conversation & Recreation (DCR). Doyle park sits along the Neponset River, but has turned its back on both the water and the neighborhood, preventing visitor access to the urban wild along the waterway.  Using public meetings, charrettes, and local events, including a neighborhood pop-up-park day, Offshoots worked with the local community to brainstorm open space ideas and develop a unified schematic vision for the park.  The resulting design includes new paths and ecological enhancements along the water’s edge, a nature-based playground, picnic areas, green infrastructure for roadway stormwater treatment, and passive park areas for flexible programming.  The park design also responds to the reality that DCR funding will likely be minimal for future interventions, seeking community and grant partnerships for implementation.

To help the community achieve the first phase of park improvements, Offshoots installation team provided at-cost, pro-bono services to remove some of the invasive plant species on the site.  The Offshoots team also helped pull down fences blocking the river, and installed a series of new upland paths and seeded areas to create a new lawn for the community.  The work was completed to help engage the community in a pop-up-park day where the preferred schematic design was presented and neighborhood feedback was solicited.


Green Infrastructure, Nonprofit, Parks, Public

Hyde Park, Boston, MA


Solomon Foundation, Boston MA and Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation in partnership with DCR