Doyle Park


In 2018, Offshoots was hired by the Solomon Foundation to work with local community groups and residents of Hyde Park to create a schematic plan for Doyle Park, a 1-are parcel formerly known as Doyle Playground, which had fallen into a state of disrepair. As part of the community outreach process Offshoots hosted a series of charrettes, engaging with people young and old to learn about their goals and dreams for a new public open space.  Offshoots additionally donated time to facilitating several workdays to improve the immediate condition of the park including removing the existing asphalt, installing a new mural, cutting back overgrown vegetation, and re-seeding the lawn areas to make park usable to the public.  The schematic plans, and revamped park, were presented to DCR who recognized, and embraced, the passion of the local community for change.

In 2021, DCR initiated a formal design process and brought on the Offshoots team with the goal of providing additional public open space to the Hyde Park neighborhood and reconnecting the community with the river’s edge and the surrounding natural ecosystems. Based on the schematic design previously developed with the local community, the new design includes a performance space, river overlook, accessible paths, benches, picnic tables, game stations, lighting, and an upper and lower lawn areas that will function as flexible open spaces. The design also pays particular attention to stormwater management and landscape restoration with native plants.

Scheduled for completion in the fall of 2023, Doyle Park will provide a space for informal gathering, community events, and opportunities to engage with the nature in the city.

Green Infrastructure, Native Plants, Nonprofit, Parks, Public, Stormwater

Hyde Park, Boston, MA


Massachusetts Department of Conversation & Recreation (DCR)

Civil Engineer: Horsley Witten
Structural Engineer: PARE Inc.
Electrical Engineer: Thompson Engineering
Arborist: Bartlett Tree Service
Archeological: Gray + Pape
Client: Department of Conservation and Recreation