Buzzards Bay Flood Analysis

For the Town of Bourne, a detailed study was conducted to illustrate the potential flood susceptibility of Buzzards Bay, and make recommendations about how to best mitigate potential flood hazards. The objective of the study was to assist in the re-development of its Main Street, located in a FEMA flood zone. A flow chart was first created, outlining a logic for a detailed GIS analysis of flood susceptibility. This complex investigation was described to town stakeholders through the use of simple color-coded matrixes, flow charts, and maps that corresponded to levels of flood susceptibility in the village. Each parcel was assigned a color, indicating its susceptibility and keying it to a series of strategies for flood mitigation, illustrated with simple black and white hand-drawn sections. Larger planning recommendations, such as relocating the downtown core were also suggested. The final document has been praised for its easy-to-read layout and simple explanation of what property owners can do to redevelop their parcels.


  • Client:¬† Town of Bourne
  • Engineer: Coastal Engineering
  • Architect: Studio Troika