Barnstable Village Downtown Streetscape

New Barnstable Village streetscape designed to improve local character, connectivity, capture and filter stormwater, and be climate resilient

Barnstable Village is one of the seven historic downtown vilages within the Town of Barnstable. This historic streetscape is being redesigned to enhance its local village character. Connections to the water and placemaking within the cultural center were primary goals. In addition, this area of the Cape is in a nitrogen sensitive area, making stormwater improvements and water quality protection of great importance to maintaining and enhancing the natural assets of the area. The project includes the reconstruction of the identified segments of Main Street and Millway with ‘Complete Streets’ oriented design. It accommodate all modes of transportation in a safe manner and promote bicycle and pedestrian travel from downtown, through Barnstable harbor to the wharf, culminating in the new parklet design at the water’s edge. Work includes roadway rehabilitation, new green infrastructure opportunities, provisions for bicycle and transit accommodations and the reconstruction of existing sidewalks to be ADA compliant. The design incorporates an extensive program of streetscape improvements that compliment business within Barnstable Village, tying the roadways with the remainder of the Center.

Offshoots Inc. was involved in the conceptual stage of this project, the Barnstable Village Streetscape Master, and led community meetings for the project. Branding and community identity discussions were held early on in the process to ensure design decisions were authentic to the rural community character. This phase of work includes incorporating street trees, bicycle racks, historically reinterpreted street lighting, benches, trash receptacles and other street furnishings within project limits. Wayfinding programs and interpretive signage has also been included to better navigate through the historic cultural district. Key intersections within the project limits were analyzed for seasonal conditions and designed to address needed improvements.